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~ Fox Red & Yellow Male Available Now ~  Fox Reds & Yellow Due September 2017 & Available November 2017 ~ ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS NOW !


Updated: 09/13/17


Fox Red & Yellow Male Available Now


Fox Reds & Yellows Available November & December 2017


 ~ Accepting Deposits Now ~


















































    Blackfork Labradors specializes in breeding quality multi-purpose classic english fox red, yellow (cream to fox red), chocolate and black labs with champion pedigrees. Our lab puppies are bred for companions, hunting, showing and therapy. Parents have proper health clearances including hips, elbows, CERF, PRA, EIC and CNM testing.  Blackfork has puppies placed in homes throughout the United States and overseas. We pride ourselves in striving to improve the fox red shade of Labrador Retrievers.  Fox Red is considered a shade of yellow in the Labrador Retriever standard.

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     Please visit our Available Puppies and Upcoming Litters pages for additional information on  our puppies.

2 Champion-sired Yellow Males - Available Now

2 Fox Red Litters Due Mid-September/Early October 2017

Available Mid-November / Early December 2017





        Audry Steelman
        Hodgen, Oklahoma

        Copyright 2013 Blackfork Labradors/Audry Steelman. All rights reserved.





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